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June 4, 2008
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Prologue: Dive into the Soul</i>




Three different factors…

Three different definitions…

Three different abilities…

All significant…

This is what a young fourteen-year old girl is about to learn. And through her journey, she shall discover new allies…new friends…new enemies…new lands…and most importantly…discover who she will become.

Perhaps you’ll like to hear the tale?

Well now, it begins 24 years after another story has ended…

Rika slowly opened her eyes, seeing bubbles as she sunk down from the surface of an ocean. She took a breath; surprising Rika that air filled her lungs. She couldn’t be underwater. Almost as if she’s sinking into empty space. This couldn’t be real. Was it a dream? This didn’t happen to normal people… Then again, Rika Itonami wasn’t an entirely normal girl. Deep in her thoughts, Rika didn’t realize that she had finally reached her destination; falling with “THUD!” on her back, I might add. “Note to self: When falling/floating down in some mysterious place, don’t think about stupid stuff,” she mumbled, standing up upon nothing.

Rika was surrounded by nothing and yet, felt like she was right at home. She took a step forward, when hundreds of eagles emerged from where she stood and flew away into the nothingness. With the eagles gone, Rika could see an image on the ground she stood on, which greatly resembled a round stained-glass window. Tilting her head, Rika tried to examine the image. It was of a familiar teenager with brown spiky hair, holding a key-like weapon. Next to him were smaller pictures of a boy with white hair, a girl with red hair, a duck and a dog.

“Dad?” Rika whispered, gazing at the younger versions of her family, but most of all at the image of her father. “Man, did he look like a dork.” That must have been what he looked like at her age. She inspected herself. “Then again, his outfit’s better than mine.” Her clothes were much different than what her father used to wear. While he wore baggy red pants, oversized shoes, a shirt and a jacket; she wore blue jeans, black normal-size shoes and a blue t-shirt with a hood. Rika resembled her mother greatly, but had her father’s eyes. And her hair was auburn, a mixture of her mother and father’s hair, and was tied into a ponytail, but left a few bangs dangle over her eyes.

Rika heard a voice…one she couldn’t identify, yet was again oddly friendly. Like an old friend.

Your journey will begin soon. But it is a difficult one. You must choose your form, granting you strength.

Rika looked behind herself and saw three weapons seated on pedestals each: a sword, a shield and a wand. Each bore a gray insignia of a silhouetted rabbit. She wasn’t too sure what this was about, but Rika trust the voice wholeheartedly. Rika walked over and picked up the sword.

The path of the warrior. Strong and courageous. But be careful, for power can easily overtake someone with a weak heart. Do you choose this path?

Rika hesitated. She wasn’t exactly sure if she was strong enough to wield it. Rika never had enough self-esteem to believe in herself to accomplish something, but she grew firm; knowing that she’ll be able to handle such a great power as long as she never gave up. “Yeah, I’ll choose this path.” The sword vanished from her hands, startling her a bit.

Your path is set. Now, what will you give in exchange?

“Figures. Can’t get something without giving something up,” Rika sighed. She then picked up the wand.

The path of mage. Powerful and fantastic. But be warned, it is a mysterious path and sometimes treacherous. Do you give up this power?

Magic. Rika indeed knew magic. Was she good at it? Hell no. She turned toward the shield and touched it gently.

The path of the guardian, the strength to defend all you hold dear. But also blinding, this strength can repel those close to you. Do you give up this power?

Rika nodded. “Yes.” With that, the shield disappeared from her hands as well. This defense may have granted to protect, but to lose what was dear to her? She couldn’t take it. Rika was, hopefully, ready for what lied ahead… But, what did lie ahead?

The voice spoke again.

There will be times when you must fight, but don’t be afraid…

Rika yelped when she saw a shadowy being materialized before her, threateningly advancing on her. She instinctively prepared to fight, the sword appeared into her hands. She swung the blade through the creature’s center, and it dissipated into the shadows. Sighing, Rika’s eyes happened on a mysterious door that wasn’t there before. She walked up and was about to open it when she heard the voice again.

This door is the first of many you must go through. Are you ready for what lies beyond?

“I came this far.” Rika took a deep breath, bravely nodded yes and opened the door. She stepped through and entered a place similar to the last, but the images on the ground were different. There were three emblems: One, a black heart with an “X” in it. The other, an upside-down white heart topped with a cross shape. And finally…the last image was a cross between the two. The top being the heart with the “X”. And the bottom being a white cross.

Suddenly, Rika felt a tremor. She closed her eyes. “Don’t turn around…” Rika shuddered, unable to resist the temptation and turned. She looked up and saw two large figures appear. One was shadowy, with bright yellow eyes and a heart-shaped hole in its middle. The other was dressed in a baggy white outfit with a blue scarf flowing through an imaginary wind. She knew immediately that those two beings were a Heartless and a Nobody. Specifically, a Darkside Heartless and a Twilight Torn Nobody.

Rika tightened held her ground around the sword’s hilt and readied herself to fight the two, when the white creature seemed to go flat; as though all it was the baggy outfit with nothing inside. The white material wrapped around the shadowy creature, and the two seemed to merge together. Now, instead of the two large creatures, one gigantic creature stood in front of Rika.

It resembled a dinosaur; a fukuiraptor to be exact. However, it was completely white with shadowy stripes all over its body. It’s two ghastly yellow eyes glared at her. “You’ve got to be kidding me…” Without a second though, Rika lunged at the creature and swung her blade.

The creature was quick though, easily dodging the slash by leaning backwards before charging its head foreword to swallow Rika in one bite. But she quickly held her sword vertically and caught the beast in-between its jaws. Rika had to quickly think up a new idea, but her eyes shot open when she saw a white blast of energy was coming out of the monster’s mouth. “Oh, crap.” Immediately, Rika pulled her and the sword free and evaded the blast without a moment to lose. But its foot came down to pin her to the ground. The beast attempted to blast her away with its blast from earlier.

Rika had to think. What do you do when you’re pinned to the ground and are about to be blasted with energy… Energy? “That’s it.” She grunted and threw her sword into the beast’s mouth, where the sphere of energy was forming. A powerful explosion blew its head clean off, and Rika was free from its grasp. The monster’s body came crashing down…right toward for her! If it was going down, it was going to take Rika with it.

Rika swiftly jumped out of the way just in time, only to suddenly find she was sinking in a pool of darkness. She struggled, but it was no use. She started to panic until she heard the voice again.

The darkness may seem overwhelming at times, but don’t be afraid…

Darkness is nothing more than the absence of light. Light, which you possess…

But too much Light can be dangerous too…

Your journey begins soon, Rika. It will seem long, yet time will pass swiftly. It will seem hard, but you will make it through with ease.


All Rika could see now was darkness, and all she could hear was the voice.

Remember Rika:

You are the one.

The one who will create the link…

…the link to all.

Kingdom Hearts: Link to Life</i>
Welcome, old and new readers! This is my remake of my incredibly successful (but not satisfying for me) story, Kingdom Hearts III: Link to Life! But, this time, there’s no “III” as I feel that this story is more like…a spin-off story from the games than an actual sequel. With that said, enjoy this prologue!

Here's the story at FanFiction! [link]

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BenJJedi Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2008
Okay, how could I read the first chapter before reading this one? I am such a stupid head. :disbelief:

Anyways, what to say about this......... Ah, yes. It was pretty cool that you had the prologue like a mixture of the first and second KH games. You know. In the abyss, on those platforms, choosing your destiny, yada yada yada. :blahblah:

*stops babbling* Anyways, great work so far. ;)

Plus, I'll be going to Kings Island. They have one of those surfing things, but hopefully, neither my brother or I will......... you get the idea. ^^;
Sonicmario Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008
I love it already. This is gonna be SO awesome, NL! :)
maria33 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I gotta say I did read the first chapter on Fan Fiction once, before you completely re-did the story. The beginning, to me it was simular on how Roxas was on KH2 after the opening of the game. But when it comes to comparing how this new and remade chapter is compared to the old one, I think you did a great job man! =D Can't wait for the next one. ^_^
zenotheshademaster Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008
Very impressive, you managed to create an intro/awakening sequnce that inspired the same sense of mystery and adventure that the first game did to me. Bravo,my freind, Bravo.
NoLimit5 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008
Heh, thanks, dude!
zenotheshademaster Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008
Your welcome. Darn, i'm not doing very well on the whole "staying off the computer" thing.
slyboyseth Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008  Student Writer
Redoing the story eh? Well, at least we can see some new gimmicks and some new stuff in this right?
NoLimit5 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008
slyboyseth Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008  Student Writer
That's neat.
Papa-T-41 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008
Still as epic as ever, my friend! I think the coolest part was how this mirrored the beginning of Sora's journey...apparently obvious, considering Rika IS Sora's daughter. The Soulfuls were also really cool here, too. Anyway, keep up the good work!
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